Types Of Turf For Brisbane

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Every grass breed requires a set of specific weather conditions to grow. It’s not necessary, that same grass which can grow in mountains area can also have the same growth in the tropical region. Usually, the grass needs water and moderate temperature for growth, this is the reason that rainforests usually have better growth of grass. But in some region, the only specific type of grass can grow because of peculiarity in the weather of that area. Same is the case Australia, for the region like Queensland which has the dry, tropical or sub-tropical condition, an only specific breed of grass can grow well. The temperature in Queensland, especially in Brisbane which is not suitable for every type of grass. There only a few types of grass can grow well and all those grasses must have some distinctive characteristics for their steady growth. 


Dry weather: The weather in Brisbane is usually dry and with less rainfall. The best turf suitable for Brisbane that can retain water and need minimal water for its growth. Because watering the grass daily, is not feasible. It can be possible when the covered area is small but for large areas, the natural water is the best solution. The best turf for Brisbane will be that which can withstand the dry weather. In other words, the grass that is drought resistant can grow well in Brisbane. It not only has to deal with dryness in the air but also have to grow in the scarcity of water.


Shade tolerance: The weather is dry and tropical; it means the sun will always be on the head. The best turf for Brisbane which bears the direct sunlight otherwise the grass will get dried. The grass must be shade tolerant and must be able to grow under sun exposure.


Pest tolerance: Where there will be grass, there will be a pest. The pest control is mandatory for grass growth but grass must also have some immunity towards pest growth. It will not be possible to make whole grass immune with help of pest control but if the grass has natural resistance from pest, that will help in better growth. Also, it will help to reduce effort and time in the maintenance of grass. Generally, the grass if for beautification purpose, not production, so people will not want to spend much money and time on maintaining the grass. 

Looking at the conditions of Brisbane and the characteristics of grass which can be suitable here. The best turf for Brisbane will be following;

  • Buffalo Grass and its variants
  • Zoysia turf, it’s more deal for tropical weather of Brisbane
  • Couch turf
  • Kikuyu Turf